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Cans, Cans, Cans!

a close up of a bottle

As much as we love serving our beer right across the bar to our guests, we recognize that this isn’t always the most convenient. We certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from having our beer out at the lake or on their back patio after a hot day. With this in mind, several months ago we began the process of exploring options for getting our beers out to the masses. We finally settled on canning as the best option for us and our customers.

In recent years the craft brewing industry has transitioned more and more away from glass bottles and more towards cans for a number of reasons. Modern aluminum cans keep the beer in excellent condition and protect the beer from light damage much better than bottled beer. Cans have the added feature of being wonderful for marketing and branding. Creative and exciting labels that represent the beer and the brewery are all the rage. The cost of enters on canning systems is also a better fit for most small breweries. In our case, we decided to start our canning program with a small in-house canning machine from Oktober Can Seamers. This great little machine was recommended to us by our friend Eric at No Quarter Brewing in Windsor Ca.

This is hopefully just the beginning. We are looking to pursue canning on a larger scale in the near future. To move towards this goal, we enlisted the help of Ryan Wheaton with Craft Beer Creative out of Portland OR to aid in designing our labels. We are super happy with the results. We now have labels for our core beers and will expand as we go with other designs for our biggest sellers.

Keep an eye out for our cans as we hope to have them in a store near you someday soon. In the meantime, you can come in and pick up a 4-pack anytime here at the brewery. Cheers, Scott